Affiliate Program

Playdoit affiliate program: What is it?

The Playdoit affiliate program is a marketing system used to promote a reputable gaming company. People who own and operate websites can use this program to market other websites to their own customers.

After we approve your affiliate application, you will be able to enjoy a host of materials in the Links and Creative section. You can use these on your own website and in subscriber emails. Here you will find that we have banners and other promotional text that will automatically refresh itself when you need to advertise a new promotion or event.

Your subscribers and visitors will click on your affiliate referral button and will be taken to the Playdoit site. Once they become fully registered, and make their first deposit, you will get your 30% commission. When this customer wins, you receive the same commission, and this is good until the customer dies or quits playing.

How can I join the Playdoit affiliate program?

Click 'Join Now' and fill out the application form. Read the Terms and Conditions and then confirm that you accept them by marking off the appropriate box. Next, click 'Submit Application'. Every application is carefully reviewed and we will let you know our decision within 5 working days.

What does it cost to join the Playdoit Affiliate Program?

It costs you nothing, the program is free. When you link your website to Playdoit, you become a partner with our already established global gambling site.

Why become a Playdoit affiliate?

First of all you benefit with a 30% profit share on every customer that is referred from your website. Every time they bet and play games you could earn more in commission. We keep you well informed about the doings of our site and the individual performance of all your referred customers.

Links and Creative

Are there advantages to using Hosted Creative from Playdoit affiliates?

Yes! When you use Hosted Creative you will received these benefits: you do not need to upload, download, or host banners on your image server. You never need to worry about replacing banners for every new event or offer that comes along. Finally, banners are not only hosted, but served by a large global network.

How can I put links on my website?

During sign-up you create a Username and Password that you use every time you log on the affiliate's website. After you are logged in you will see a wide variety of links, banners and other tools at your disposal. Visit Links and Creative and pick the banner you want to use. After that it is simply a matter of following the step-by-step directions to insert our banner on your site. These banners become the affiliate click-thru buttons. Any banner you choose will automatically refresh when there are promotions or events happening, or about to happen.

Many affiliates swear by Promotional Text for all their conversions. To choose your text, simply click on the Links and Creative page and choose the Promotional Text button, then just follow the easy instructions. There are two options available: you can choose the hosted text (which will automatically update), or you choose a plain text copy and add your own links and then update as needed.

What can my click-thru links do for me?

These links are actually unique tracking codes which can be used to direct traffic to any of our products that you choose to promote. You can use more than one click-thru link. In this way you will be able to tell just what links your customer base has clicked on; this will help optimize your promotions.

When you first join you are given a default click-thru link, which leads your customers to Playdoit. Whatever product is currently being promoted is what will be on that link. If you wish to promote Bingo, Poker, Casino, or other Games, just click the right product tab and the link will change to that product.

How can I create a new click-thru link?

  • Log on your Playdoit affiliate account.
  • Click 'Links and Creative'.
  • Click 'Add New Link'.
  • Give the link a name.
  • Click 'Add Link'.
  • Repeat this process to create as many links as you need.
  • You can reuse and rename your click-thru links any time you need to do so.

Can I use Playdoit content, or the Playdoit logo, on my website?

We give you a wide selections of text links, buttons and banners to use on your website. You can use whatever graphics are offered for your use. You cannot alter, change or modify any of our buttons or banners without seeking Playdoit's permission in writing. If you are unclear about what you can and cannot use or modify, just Contact Us and we will gladly answer all your questions.

What if I have multiple websites?

No problem; simply track the performance of every website using the same affiliate account.

Does Playdoit use cookies on visitors who use my click-thru link?

Yes, we cookie all your referrals for a full 65 days. If your referral visits our site, but does not register right away, Playdoit will recognize them and know that they are your referral. However, they must register within 65 days for them to become your customer for life. Other companies are doing away with cookies, or they are shortening the length of time they will hold them. At Playdoit, we like to reward you for the work you do in sending customers our way.

Why does Playdoit offer a hosted Creative Gallery?

This is done to ensure you that Playdoit Creative is always up-to-date. Make life easier for yourself and use our Promotional Text and Creative Banners. Choose which banner best suits you and your needs, then follow the directions to copy and paste the code onto your newsletter or website.

All text and banners are hosted by Playdoit. We are responsible for updating them with any current message.


How can I check my account statistics?

First, log in. Then click on 'Check Stats' and select whichever report you want to run.

How often are account statistics updated?

Once a day, usually around 12:00 am Mexico City time. Remember, stats are not displayed in real time.

How are affiliate earnings calculated?

Click here. This will take you to section 3 of the Terms and Conditions section. You will find your answer there.

Can my affiliate account have a negative net earning?

Yes. If your customers happen to win more often than they lose, you may have a negative balance. However it doesn't happen all that often. Usually the Casino, Poker, Sports, Games and Bingo balances will be on the positive side.

If you have a negative balance you will receive no commission. Once a new customer, or your existing customer shows a positive balance, you will again receive commission.

Your customer's net profit determines your commission. When your profit is in the negative range you don't get any new commission until your balance is back on the positive side.

How do I get paid?

Log into your account and select 'Payment', the select 'Request Payment'. Playdoit can send your payments as a check, by bank wire, or you could receive your payments directly into your Playdoit account. Payments can only be processed once month. If you wish to review your payment history, simply click on the 'Payment History' link.

What is a 'new' registration?

Any new customer who registers and uses one of our products, then makes their first deposit with an accepted payment method.

My Account

Are there any geographical restrictions?

While Playdoit does welcome affiliates from around the world, we cannot accept any customers from the United States, Hong Kong, Turkey, the Netherlands, France, Syria, Iran, Italy or Israel.

Are there any countries I should not, or cannot promote to?

It is best not to promote Playdoit to the same nine countries listed above. Add Greece to the list of no-promoting.

How can I change my password?

Log in, select 'My Account' then 'Security Details'. The rest is self-explanatory.

How can I change any details I registered with, such as my phone number, address, or company name?

Simply log in, select 'My Account' then select 'Account Details' and follow the instructions.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Click here. You will be asked to confirm a few details about your account. If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Terms and Conditions

Our Rights and Obligations

Register your customers

We register and track your Customers transactions. "Customer" refers to one of your visitors who has joined the Playdoit customer base by registering at one of our websites after they have clicked on your button to get them here. We offer you the click-thru URL button when you join our affiliate. When your customers open an account with us, they then become our customers and must abide by all our policies, rules and operating procedures. Due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, passed by the US Congress on September 30, 2006, we can no longer accept any customers from the United States of America.

Track Customer's Play

We track all your customer's plays and bets. You can access a full report of their activities on the Playdoit website.

Paying Referral Commission

Clause 6 states that we shall pay you a referral commission of 30% of any net profit earned by your customers on our site once they have opened an account with Playdoit, and have wagered real money at any of our gaming areas.


We reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions within this Agreement. We will post any changes or new agreements. If you find any of our changes unacceptable, you should terminate this Agreement. If you continue to participate on Playdoit after changes have been made, this is taken as your binding consent and acceptance of the changes.

Electronic Commerce

You shall agree and acknowledge that regulations 9(1) and 9(2) (regarding all information provided by electronic means), and regulation 11(1) (regarding placing an order) from the Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002 do not apply, or have any effect, upon this Agreement.

Your Application

After you complete your application, you need to read the terms and conditions and check the box to indicate you agree to all terms. This application is an important part of this Agreement. We will then decide whether or not to accept your application and notify you by email to let you know if you can join us or not. Our decision is final, and you have no rights to appeal this decision.

Your Rights and Obligations

Linking to our websites

When you agreed to join our Affiliate program, you agreed to use our banners, text links, articles, or e-mails to create and maintain links from your website to the websites owned and operated by the Playdoit group.

Minimum Referral Requirements

You must refer a minimum of 5 active customers in your first three months as an affiliate. If you don't reach this number, your account might be closed. However, you always have the option of opening a new affiliate account.


You do not have the authority to represent yourself, or hand out warranties in our name. Nor shall you bind us to any agreement or obligation from your website. Any spamming or advertising our services on your website is forbidden and will result in the immediate termination of this Agreement.

Registering Domain Names

You will not register - or even apply to register - a domain name that is similar to any of the domain names already in use by current members of the Playdoit group. Nor shall you use any name that could lead people to think it is a part of the Playdoit group.

Bidding on Brand Terms

You may not buy or register any keywords or search words that are the same as, or very similar to, the trade marks in the Playdoit groups. This includes such words as "Playdoit, Playdoitcasino, or Playdoitpoker". You also are not to use metatag keywords that are the same, or similar to, any of Playdoit's trade marks.

Agency Appointment

With this Agreement, you have the right to direct Customers to our websites as per the terms and conditions within this Agreement. You do not have the right to try to direct your referrals on our website. We have the right to - and fully intend to - offer our services to other people just like you. You have claim to Referral Commission only through the customers that you directly referred to our website.

Approved Layouts

You may use any of our approved banners, images, logos, html mailers, or editorial columns. You may not alter these in any way, nor shall you use any material that mentions Playdoit if that material did not come from All our hypertext transfer links are our design and are the only links you can use on your website. Do not create your own direct links to promotional material found on any of the Playdoit websites.

Good Faith

You shall not benefit if you know, or even suspect, that traffic coming to our site has not come through good faith, whether it causes damage or not. If we have reason to believe that you are involved in such practices, we have the right to hold all amounts due to you, as per this Agreement.

We also have the right to withhold your affiliate payments, and we may suspend or close your account if we find you have abused any of the Playdoit promotions or offers - even if you did not know what was going on.

Responsibility for your Site

You have sole responsibility for maintaining your own website. You must ensure that all materials you use can not be libelous or are otherwise illegal to use. We hold no liability for any of these materials on your website. You will indemnify and will consider us harmless from any claim, damage, or expense (including legal fees) resulting from any of the contents or operations on your website.

You shall be the sole account holder, and cannot open affiliate accounts for other people. You cannot open an account for a third party, nor can you broker or transfer an affiliate account. You can ask us to transfer your account to someone else, but the final decision is ours, and our decision stands as 'final'.


You cannot create an affiliation between your website and any other the Playdoit Websites.

License to use Marks

We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use our Marks (logos, trade marks, trade names, service marks) as long as this is a valid Agreement. You cannot trade or transfer this license, and you can only use the Marks because of license. You agree that all Marks belong solely to the Playdoit group and you will inform us immediately if you know anyone is misusing these Marks.

Confidential Information

During your Agreement you may learn of confidential information about Playdoit. You agree not to disclose any information you have learned, and you will only use this information to enhance this Agreement. You also agree to respect this confidential information once your Agreement with Playdoit is over.

Data Protection

You will always comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, and the Data Protection Act of 1998. You will also comply with any legislation that is similar to these acts.

Referral Commission Calculation

The Referral Commission

Clause 6 states that you will earn a Referral Commission of 30% on all net profit from your personal referred Customers. We define net profit as:

  • in sports: any money we receive after the Customer has settled all his bets and we further deduct; (a) any money paid to the Customer as winnings; (b) any duties or taxes owed; (c) bad debts: (d) fraud; (e) returned stakes; (f) any charge-back - transactions reversed by a card-holder's bank; (g) voids; and (h) any betting and deposit bonuses.
  • in casino: the amount of the opening balance, plus any funds transferred in less (a) funds that are transferred out; (b) credits made to users; (c) closing balance; (d) duties or taxes paid; (e) bad debts; (f) charge-backs; (g) licensing fees and (h) fraud.
  • in poker: the gross take, less any (a) taxes or duties paid; (b) licensing fees; (c) charge-backs; (d) fraud; (e) poker chips bonus and (f) bad debt.
  • in games: the gross take, less any (a) taxes or duties paid; (b) licensing fees; (c) returns; (d) credits made to users; (e) voids; (f) charge-backs; (g) bad debts; (h) bonuses and ; (i) fraud.
  • in Slots: the gross take, less any (a) licensing fees; (b) taxes or duties paid; (c) voids; (d) credits to users; (e) returns; (f) charge-backs; (g) bad debts; (h) bonuses and (i) fraud.
  • in bingo: gross take, less any (a) duties or taxes paid; (b) licensing fees; (c) returns; (d) credits to users; (e) charge-backs; (f) voids; (g) fraud; (h) bonuses and (i) bad debts.

In accordance with clause 1.4: we have the right to change the percentage of any Referral Commission, and/or change the way we calculate it.

Payable Commission Calculations

Affiliates receive payment on positive balances in all gaming area earning; those with negative balances in gaming earnings shall have deductions taken from any available commissions.

Referral Commission Payouts

Requests for Referral Fee payout

You must have at least 5 active referred Customers before you qualify for any Referral Commission payout. You get one payout a month, if all requirements as filled.

No payout requests can be made on the 1st of any month. Make your request from the 2nd and after.

Minimum payouts each month totally depend on how much you affiliate accounts shows. We have no maximum limit.

Minimum payout request with different currencies is:

  • United States Dollars 100 USD
  • Euros 80 EUR
  • UK Pounds 60 GBP

You may direct your Referral Commission payment to:

(a) your Playdoit account. This is most recommended because it is easier to withdraw your money through; (b) check (US or EUR - only) or; (c) bank wire.

Playdoit does not charge for bank wires. However, your own bank might. 'Gambling World Online N.V.' will appear on your bank statement with a bank wire.

Option (a) above is not available to affiliates who live in the United States of America.

An active Customer is your referred visitor who clicks on any Playdoit Website link via your click-thru links, and is a registered customer who has already deposited funds in their account and made bets in any area of Playdoit.

Payment Currency for Referral Commission

All payments shall be paid in the currency you selected when you set up your Affiliate account (exceptions - checks, which are only available in US dollars or British pounds.)

Currencies in accounts that do not match your home currency shall be converted at the mid-point of when it was earned.

Terms and Termination; Consequences and Unsuitable Sites

Terms and Termination

The terms of this Agreement begin when you join the Playdoit Affiliate Program. To terminate this Agreement, simply send us a written request. We reserve the right to terminate your service, with or without a reason. An e-mail message is considered a written form of notification.


After you are terminated you shall remove any Playdoit icon or banner, remove all links, and return any copies of confidential information you hold. You also give up all rights and licenses granted to you by this Agreement, and will no longer use any Marks belonging to Playdoit.

Unsuitable Sites

We will terminate any website that we deem is unsuitable; these would include any site that displays pornography or any sexual acts; sites aimed at children; those that openly promote discrimination of any person; those that promote illegal activities; or any site that violates anyone's property rights.

Duplicate Accounts and Self Referrals

You may only open one affiliate account. However, you may ask us in writing if you could open a second. You shall not earn any commission on any account but your own. The Affiliate Program was designed for website publishers.

Continued Promotion

You shall prominently display our links and banners, and these all should be kept up-to-date. You shall not change any of our links, logos or banners. Your Referral Commission depends upon you continuing to promote Playdoit and attracting new customer bases. If you struggle in an effort to attract new customers, we shall lower the percentage of your Referral Commission, and, we may take your sluggish promotional ability as a possible reason to terminate.

Relationships of all Parties

This Agreement in no way makes you and Playdoit partners in any way. You may not accepts any types of offers, or represent yourself on our behalf. You shall not make statements that contradict the wording of this Agreement.


You will defend, indemnify, and free Playdoit and all our employees and representatives from any harm from any liabilities or losses, damages or costs (which could include legal fees) that are a direct result of (a) a breach of warranty, term or representation that is contain within this Agreement; (b) your failure to fulfill your duties and obligations; (c) negligence; (d) any injury you cause either directly or indirectly through your negligence, or intentional acts, or any unauthorized use of any of our logos, links or banners.


We hold no responsibility to your Affiliate Program beyond what is in this Agreement. We do not guarantee that our site will always run error-free. In the case of any discrepancy between our reports on and any Playdoit database, the database will always be deemed the more accurate of the two.

Limitation of Liability

We shall not be held liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages - including loss of data, profits or revenue - that may arise from this Agreement. Our liability shall not exceed the total amount of any Referral Commission payable or paid to you, as per this Agreement. Persons not listed on this Agreement have no rights to any benefits given. Our directors, shareholders and employees have no personal obligations to you. Any liability is to be satisfied from any Referral Commissions, and is strictly limited to direct damages.

Independent Investigations

You shall acknowledge that you read and agree to all Terms and Conditions set forth in this Agreement. You further acknowledge that we may change any of the terms within this agreement. You have - independent on any other person - decided that participating in our Affiliate Program is beneficial to you, and you willingly agree to all that is in this Agreement.

Miscellaneous Items

Governing Law

All laws in this Agreement are governed by the laws of England. Any grievance needs to be settled through the courts in England.


You shall not assign this Agreement without getting written prior consent. This Agreement is binding, and shall be enforced against you, us, any respective successors and/or assigns.


Our failure to note that your performance has not lived up to this Agreement shall not mean we waive our right to enforce these provisions. You may not modify or add anything to this Agreement, nor shall any attempt be recognized by Playdoit. Our employees and agents also have no authority to change the terms of this Agreement.


All rights and remedies are not mutually exclusive. One provision does not override another provision. You further agree that if you breach the terms of this Agreement in any manner then we have the right to enforce whatever remedy we deem is most appropriate for the situation. Nothing in this Agreement limits our rights at law, and we shall enforce any breach of this contract.

Severability or Waiver

Every provision within this Agreement is valid under applicable law. However, if any provision is found to be invalid or illegal, only that provision shall be labeled as ineffective, and no other provision shall be invalidated. Waivers will not be given for conduct or failing to enforce rights. All waiver requests must be in writing for them to be considered.