Commission Plan

Affilate Program


Playdoit has a simple, streamlined structure: it has a one-wallet system and users of the program will have identical log-in details and payment options for all their sports betting and gambling leisure entertaiment choices. This is a useful structure which is user-friendly and easy to monitor. Further more, there is a generous bonus system for multiple referrals - you will get 30% of the all revenue genreated once you refer a customer to any site - not one particular one. Playdoit affiliates provides a detailed numerical breakdown of the statistics which will articulate how your campaigns are performing, which is coupled with a wide battery of tests and tools to probe deeper into the nuances of your campaigns' success. Exclusively all of the betting and gaming activity counts towards commissions.


Activity Quota: There is a certain amount of activity which has to be achieved for accounts to stay active on the platform. New affiliate accounts will be shut down unless five authentic players who deposit a certain sum of money are registered within 3 months of singing up to the program. Payments for working as an affiliate will not be made unless the criteria above is met.

Earnings time limited Yet another advantage of the platform as earnings are not time limited.
Earnings Location limited You can earn money from any location.
Negative Carryover Yes.
Earning Bundled Yes, for simplicity.
Tracking Cookie Duration 65 days, roughly equivalent to just over 2 months.
Tracking Cookies Overwritten Yes.


Revenue share:

30%, as previously mentioned.

How we pay:

There is an attractive range of payment options including:

  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Check
  • Player Account rewards.